Invest in high impact SMEs in developing countries

Explore our science-based methods for automated search and detailed impact assessment for high-impact, high-potential companies in developing countries.

Why Tech4SDG?

  • Tech4SDG applies new technologies to identify high-impact SMEs in developing countries.
  • Those high impact SMEs provide products and services in organic agriculture, water provision, education, healthcare, renewable energy, sanitation etc. All of which is vital for advancing developing countries.
  • Equity investments in SDG-SMEs would broaden the available investment space while offering diversification benefits.
  • Facilitate and encourage corporate change for the better.
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1. Upload your portfolio

Use our templates to fill out your information with ease and upload your impact portfolio for free.

2. Wait for evaluation

This may take up between 1-2 weeks depending on the information provided.

3. Receive your full report

Using the information in your report, adjust or create your current sustainability goals.

Automated tools for impact and private equity investors

  • Search for high-impact SMEs among millions of other companies
  • Automated impact classification based on big bata and impact investment trends
  • Generate high-impact efforts in developing countries
  • Impact specialization to measure "on the ground" impacts at specific locations
  • Quantified assessment of potential instability and returns
  • Impact-focused evaluation and benchmarking of investor portfolios
  • Automated impact-oriented due diligence of companies’ private and public data
  • Play a central role in achieving the UN‘s 2030 sustainability goals

Make your impact company visible to impact investors

  • Attract investors for your SME by supporting the UN‘s sustainability goals.
  • Add value to the private sector of your country by attracting capital and impact investor expertise
  • Build your business on sustainability goals that resonate globally
  • Find like-minded businesses and competitors
  • Based on investor experience & current trends in impact investing.

  • Supported by current technologies in Artificial Intelligence and Spatial Data Science.

  • Implements the UN‘s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG‘s) in a systematic and coherent way.